Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Finding Design Inspiration at our Farmer's Market

Last weekend I visited our farmer's market in Montpelier where I live. I go there every so often not buy fresh food or people watch ( I do those things to) but to look for visual inspiration.

I take pictures of vegetables in containers, closeups showing materiality and quality of daylight dancing off of surfaces. It's very interesting to me see subjects in multiples or grids, piles of material etc. There's beauty in the purity of forms and how they interact in their naturally stacked, loaded and displayed configurations. Looking at shade and shadow, unorthodox image cropping are all on the table.

Looking at these shapes and interactions cleanses my mind and opens it up to new ways of seeing and organizing, composing images etc. See the spiral glass bowl and try to imagine the market scene shown in the curving reflection.

Please see these photos from my visit and comment on what this process means to you. Thanks, Steve

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