Monday, March 16, 2009

Vermont Building Professionals Day Next Week!

This looks like it could be a very informative event to attend for interested professionals able to make time next Weds.   It'll be week four or so in the stimulus package roll-out with more information available on implementation relevant to our work around the state.  There will likely be more realism about what's happening and how the process is working or not working.

Vermont Building Professionals Day
At The Vermont State House
Wednesday, March 25, 2009
Building Industry Professionals are Encouraged to Participate
The day begins at 9:00am in Room 11
In The Vermont State House

Building industry professionals, homebuilders, contractors, engineers, architects and support services will be coming together to meet with the Governor, Legislative Leaders, Legislative Committees and State officials in charge of the Stimulus Program.

We will all meet in Room 11 of The Vermont State House at 9:00 am.. We will be briefed on our day at the State House and hear from State Officials on what to expect with the recently passed “Stimulus Package” and its impact on Vermont.

All participants will be briefed at that time on the agenda for the day that will include a number of meetings with other state officials at the State House. Among some of the important issues to be discussed with legislative leaders will be The Stimulus Plans, Statute of Repose and the Need for a uniform state building code.

Those participating are encouraged to RSVP to Hanne Williams at: or 802-496-3761 by Monday, March 23rd 

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