Monday, June 22, 2009

Workplace Design Thoughts - Part 1 of 2

Ideas or strategies to consider in Workplace Design:

· Embrace Organizational Ecology... The Workplace as Holistic Living Organism:

Organizational ecology examines the work place as an ecosystem with a set of inter-related systems. Recognize buildings and space as organizational tools and assets to support teamwork and cross-departmental collaboration. Consider multiple hard and soft strategies to integrate organizational values and philosophies into the corporate culture through design choices. Embrace interdependencies between work processes, physical settings and delivery of information technology.

· Think Big Together and Set up the Process: Set up the overall process, meetings rhythm and get buy-in and acceptance from an executive team and key stakeholders before proceeding further into implementation of the process and its steps. Establish challenging goals to differentiate the organization to its staff and its customers. Be ambitious. Do it and help change the world!

· Charette: Set the Vision & Framework: Establish a vision, goal & objective setting charette with key project stakeholders. Whether a small executive team or an all hands company meeting or something in between, tailor it to needs of the organization, cost and schedule. Visualize together in a brainstorming conducive setting. Examine organizational core principles and values. Prioritize these principles and values and how they might or might not influence workplace design. How do environmental, social and corporate responsbility concerns fit in? Does transparency matter to your workplace, key stakeholders, consumers or outside customers? What implementation strategies naturally cluster around the goals and principles to facilitate them?

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