Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Poem # 1

Sitting in the warmth of a picture window
I gaze out to the frozen river
Warmed by the sun's embrace
Shiny water droplets from branches

Blue Sky above unbroken by clouds
The quiet of a slumbering land
Fallow, waiting for spring
Snow insulating the frozen earth

Creatures quietly going about
Momentary thaw a delight
The cycle of the season's
Offer's the promise of regeneration

A trio of deer feeding in the brush
Quietly foraging in the sun
Heads look up suddenly at my presence
eye to eye we stare

Smiling eyes of quiet co-existence
We look at one another for a while, silent
I turn with firewood in arms
Deer lower their heads to feed

Dripping water glistening in the sun...

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