Monday, August 24, 2009

Blog Feedback and the Importance of Adsense

Give me your feedback! Put it on the line!
I've been blogging for a while now and wonder if I could ask for some feedback from you, my loyal readers.

so here goes....
Ads.... how important, useful are the Ad-sense ads by Google on my blog? Are they helpful to you? Do you like clicking on them? Wish they weren't there? Are the Ad topics of interest to you?

From a content stand-point, are there other topics you'd like to see me write about or return back to which I haven't posted on recently?

In regards to ease of use, does this blog operate effectively for you when you navigate it? Is it easy or challenging? Fun, Annoying?

Are there any things I can do differently to make your time spent more engaging, interesting?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Steve

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