Saturday, November 14, 2009

Check Out "Global Warming: Are Brtitains' TV Ads too Scary For Children?"

The Christian Science Monitor had an interesting article on recent TV ads shown in Britain about Global Warming and shifting to greener behavior. I often ask myself how dire versus how optimistic a message or mood to share with people when discussing Global Warming.

My friends and family seem to be divided on whether they believe or not and often it brings up difficult but necessary conversations. Is the CSM right on with their assessment of the ads and the questions they raise? How do you deal with explaining Global Warming to others? Are what the Brits doing helpful or not? What do you think? Should we air TV ads like this here in the US? Maybe we already are? If so, send me links or information. Thanks, Steve


Paul said...

Objectively, there is a lake/open water where there used to be a North Pole. It might be scary to tell kids that Santa Claus and the elves are going to drown, but the polar bears are.
The glaciers in the Himalayas that supply fresh water to a large percentage of China and India have melted to where by 2035 they will effectively be gone.
You can visit these places directly if you don't believe the people who live there or are studying the areas-it isn't a matter of 'belief'.

Stephen M. Frey said...

Paul, Thanks for the comment and the clarity of the response. I apologize for not saying thanks earlier.

I hope you are doing well with your practice and family life in Denver.

Best, Steve