Friday, August 28, 2009

CEO Panelists Set for Wall Street Journal Chicago Insight Exchange

Readers in the midwest might find this upcoming conference of interest to high-performance workplace designers and others interested in improving their space and operations. The keynote address that kicks off the conference, by Rackspace Chairman Graham Weston, might be of special interest. Graham will undoubtedly discuss the company’s ongoing move into an old San Antonio mall they now call “the castle” (see his blog), and the innovations they’re undertaking in the space to make it an attractive place to work and boost productivity. There are videos worth watching telling the story in a couple of parts. How do you take really vanilla unwanted industrial space and turn it into something innovative? Check out the videos and check out the Insight Exchange Breakfast hosted by the Wall St. Journal at the ROI of Great Workplaces Conference hosted by Winning Workplaces in Chicago in early October.

This tip came from Winning Workplace's Blog Author Mark Harbeke. You can read more about this and other interesting innovation focused writing there for the high performance workplace. Thanks Mark!

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