Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Travel Sketches_Rome

Here's a few memorable sketches from a trip I took to Rome while traveling in the summer of 1991 with fellow graduate school students and instructors from the University of Colorado at Denver, College of Architecture and Planning where I graduated in 1992 with a Master's of Architecture. Examining these early sketches done almost 20 years ago I smile and hope they inspire others young and old alike to dust of the sketch books and passports and get out of dodge.

My current sketchbooks lack drawings and have many words whether from meetings, project observations or notes from conferences. It's encouraging to me see once again how powerful the acts of hand-sketching and synthetic thinking truly are. To inspire creativity and innovation, drawing is an essential act and should not be forgotten amidst our laptops, i-phones, android phones, smart phones and screens in general. Remember we're architects which is a mix of artist, scientist, engineer and anthropologist.... among a few. We must sketch to think!

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