Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Poem #2

To the Sky and to the Trees:

Interlacing branches reach for the sky
Wandering fingers framing the winter's day
Twisting and turning, growing thinner the higher they go
Waving and undulating with the wind's ever changing embrace

Barren in this cold time while plush in the summer
Budding in chartreuse electric glory in the spring
Stately greens of varying chroma in the summer
Firey colors in all their fall glory

Dancing slowly at night with the moon and the stars
Energetic conversations with all living creatures
Whispering of leaves and waving branches
The sighing of the living earth surrounds

Hypnotic drone of ciacadas and tree frogs 
Hoots and howls, barks and whispers of the evening
Combine together with the rhythm of the wind
Forging the music of summer

So different from Winter's slumber
Barren branches, hibernating creatures
A time of slow anticipation
The promise of summer so appealing

Coy promise of winter's quiet
Leads to joyful springtime delight
Dancing through the seasons
Eternal rhythm's of life

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