Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Design Story - My Yellow Pelikano Junior Fountain Pen

Why do I love my see through yellow Pelikano junior fountain pen so much? I'm an architect and designer and am wildly attracted to high value low cost design. This is the pen I can afford to lose and continue loving! It costs $11.50 from the Paradise Pen Company and is generally plainly affordable online and in stores.

The pen is very pleasing to look at, lightweight, easy to use and the nib is well, nimble and pliable with an easy writing style, great to sketch and draw with. It takes ink cartridges from Pelikan (those are the best fitting). It's nimble in action unlike other entry level pens with stiff steel nibs costing five times as much as this one!

The Junior is a fantastic example of a well-executed affordable mass-produced design. It's iconic rounded forms resonate with comfort along with the practicality of the shaped rubber finger hold near the nib. I like the yellow case color best because the rubber finger rest is yellow regardless of the case color. The yellow pen case and grip present a unified appearance missing in the other colors choices where its more complementary, ie bright red and yellow grip, bright green and yellow grip etc.

The translucent enclosure allows you to see how much ink is left in the cartridge and helps visibly lighten the pen. Nothing is hidden and it's very, very simple.

I was in a pen shop over the holidays browsing and looking at much more expensive pens. The cases, materials and nibs were all joys to see and behold. However, half-way through my reverie I remembered my last nice pen and how I lost it. I was watching my son play baseball, laying on a blanket. The pen fell out into the grass and was probably mowed into oblivion by a college age worker the next day. I winced at the memory and put down the expensive pens. The salesperson smiled less happily when I asked him if he had any Yellow Pelikan Juniors? I left the store ecstatic in purchasing a piece of modern art and knowing I could lose it any time I wanted.

The pen delights me and lifts my spirit. And that my friends is what I think great design is all about!

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