Friday, October 28, 2011

Dear Klout, Can You Help Me?

Dear Klout,

My Klout score algorithms must be out of wack! My badge score has gone from the thirties, forties & now in the teens in the space of days? Should I stay with you if your algorithms create daily changes all over the map? Each day it seems I'm in totally different categories with back histories & trending showing completely different patterns. If the Klout Badge is to be trustworthy this shouldn't happen. Right?

However, if you're a dynamic ever growing social media tool this might be happening.  My question is if its unstable like it has been recently will badge holders like me go elsewhere?  You might explain on your website more in detail how and why things change so much.

Here's some details.....

A week or so ago my score seemed to really connect to the amount of activity I'm doing with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and my daily checking in reinforced that, it appeared.  Then earlier this week my badge number and scoring profile changed substantially I feel for the worse as I don't think it means so much to me in regards to reinforcing my media activities as @designcultivate.  The trending and reporting for @designculttivate seems much simpler and basic than it was even a week ago and feels kind of "off".

Then this afternoon it was briefly 18 and then back to 40.  Now that's aggravating even to me an even keeled kind of person. If many are disgruntled like I your advertisers and add on networks you use to compile badge scores will get nervous,  you don't want your income sources nervous right?  One word, Netflix?  We don't want to go there.

Best, Steve

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