Saturday, May 5, 2007

Discovery of the Worldmapper Project

Reading this month's issue of Vanity Fair, I read "Problems without Border", p. 164 May 2007 by E.O. Wilson I found some interesting maps which describe environmental and social issues effecting our world. This lead me to visit the website jointly hosted by the University of Michigan and Sheffield (UK). To quote from the article, the website "exhibits the ghastly power of humanity's planetary engineering - and the importance of envisioning the planet as a whole. By mapping the proporational impact of a given variable across the world's territories, complex data relating to a small region's resource consumption or waste generation (for example) can tell a simple story on a global scale."

Going to the website offers tools to manipulate data in in a intriguing, revealing way useful for those interested in using the information to support integrative design thinking and provide graphics for presentations.

- Best, Steve - San Antonio International Airport

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