Saturday, June 5, 2010

Spirals Break Away

Wandering currents swirling
Caressing solids granite masses
Intertwining together in chilly and warm sensation
Burbling patter rhythmically appealing
Lulling sounds of watery delight
Blending with clicking cicadas and cawing crows
Loamy soil wafting hints of wildflowers
Slippery stones with mossy overgrowth tickle my chilly toes
Cool undercurrent relieving my ankles

Strong summery sun warming my forehead
Rivulets of water running down my brow
Riverside boulders and brush sharply cut by shadows
Reflecting in the shimmering, glassy surface
An alter ego completing its opposite
Together both create the whole
Unifying them into a singular presence

A fleeting glimpse of perfection

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