Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Christo is Coming to Burlington, VT

View of the Gates in Central Park
The artist Christo has an exhibit at the Fleming Museum one of my favorite places in Burlington.  It's called "Christo and Jeanne-Claude: The Tom Golden Collection" opening 9/21 and going through 12/18/10.   It's a collection of mixed media works assembled by Tom Golden who worked on and off with them for years.

Detail of the Fabric Hanging from "The Gates"
The last time I experienced a project by them was the Central Park project, called "The Gates" a series of curtains and gateways planted in a very interesting manner along paths and walks near reflecting ponds. 
They installed striking orange metal frame works with fluttering orange curtains you walked under and through.  I went with my family and it was extremely memorable for all of us.  The aspect I truly appreciated was the "Public" nature of that installation.  Thousands and thousands of people were able to enjoy it given its central NYC location in its short installation run and the pervasiveness of the installation throughout the park.  I will always remember the hours of fascination I felt walking through them, scratching my head in wonderment and joy.  Without much ado the work broached the subjects of the viewer, the viewed, landscape views & framing, open windows, domesticity and the city and on and on....

With that, please check out the exhibit at the Fleming Museum at the University of Vermont during its run. It'll be sure to fascinate.

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