Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Importance of Family, Thanksgiving and Skype

During special times of year like Thanksgiving, it's really great to bring family together to celebrate.  It's a time where it's really clear how much there is to be grateful for, the special people in our lives.  How it's critical to live in the moment, for the moment!

Thanksgiving is also very powerful because it's not really religious and it's apolitical, at least for me.  So many of the other holidays resonate with heavier baggage in those areas.  That's why I truly love Thanksgiving!  An example, tonight, we skyped at a family gathering with a niece, daughter, cousin on a semester abroad in Greece.  What a feeling of togetherness to reach out across the digital divide and connect, to see one another and hear each other's stories and catch up with one another. I am grateful for living in a time and place where this is possible.

To bring the very far away to be very close.

It's a phenomena, while I don't understand fully it's ramifications, I'm comfortable knowing that at least tonight it helped bring my family closer together.  What it's long term effects are unclear but I don't care right now.  I'm just excited this is possible today and my niece is a little less lonely in her faraway location.

I sense also, this application of Skyping will permeate our collective work future in ways we can't foresee in ways similar to how it's transforming our personal interactions with family and friends.  What do you think?  Do you have any stories like this to share?  Please let me know!

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