Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thunderbird Painting and a Memory with My Son

Watercolor Study of a Vintage Thunderbird
designcultivation fans, please enjoy this recent watercolor study of a car I painted with and for my younger son recently.  It started out as a photo I took at 4th of July Parade last summer.  He and I went to a local coffee shop where we hung out together.  He read a favorite book  and I drew this in pencil and began to paint this image for him filling in the basic shading and color fields.  I later finished it over the course of the next few days.

You know it amazes me when you really look at a photo and try to convey shade and shadow, reflection and colors, there's always something you missed upon a second, third and 15th look.  Now I see the proportions of the drawing are a little out of whack but hopefully the spirit of the car and the moment is there.  As is the memory of sharing this process with my Son!  Now I've got to figure out what to paint for my older son!

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