Sunday, January 30, 2011

Microsoft's Work & Productivity Vision for the future

Is this the future of work for us?  Take a look.  It's  really interesting and in some cases compelling.  It's also dated from 2009.  With the advent of the I-pad and the ever decreasing sizes of screens and thinness it certainly seems very probable we're heading to something like this.  

Our children and their children's world of work will look distinctly different from ours in screen display technology and ubiquitousness of smart surfaces.  What's ironic is the clunky devices, monitors, boxy equipment we've grown up with over the last generation and a half will slowly disappear (hopefully) and while technology becomes more embedded into everyday things, perhaps we'll have a cleaner more elegant relationship with it.  I only hope so.  Perhaps this will leave us with the ability to wrestle with the design challenges of the future with smarter and less demanding technology at least from a physical sense.

Hopefully too, while this technology will continue to strive and lead to lower energy demand and usage.  I hope these products and technologies in development will use Thin film solar cells.  This aspect of the renew ables seems poised to take off with numerous companies beginning production recently and more coming online in the years to come.

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