Monday, February 21, 2011

1st photoshop sketch with my Bamboo Pad and Magic Pen

I live in Vermont.  It's a nexus of the slow food movement, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy with Wind and Solar. So I share with you a quick sketch composition with a barn, solar tracker in the foreground and ridge mounted wind turbines in the background.  As many of you know it's a great place to visit and be inspired.  Or if you live here you're likely participating in the conversation about all of this and doing great things!

Thanks to my brother and sister in law for the Bamboo Pad and Magic Pen Christmas present!  Sorry it took so long to get into it.  I think I was a little scared by it.  Seriously!

However I dove in today and boy was it worth it.  As a visualizer and artist among the many hats I wear these days, this tool rocks!  The pen's touch action to the pad was very intuitive with a pretty slick ability to manipulate the Photoshop CS5 menu, tap on various tools, widen brush width on the fly and vary opacity of the brush strokes.  I did this sketch in about 20 mins.  Doing the first part before dinner and the latter after.

The tip is pressure sensitive so the linework can vary whether making lines or erasing / subtracting shading.

One of my favorite things to do with Photoshop is the create various layers of shading and modeling and vary their intensity of opacity and fill to create more variation in visual surface appearance.  I did this here with the background of the Mountains and the foreground gray shades.

Tell me what you think?  Do any readers out there use Bamboo Pens like this?  What do you say!

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