Monday, February 7, 2011

Better Buildings by Design 2011 Conference

Every year in February there are two things I count on. One is heavy snowstorms.  Two is the annual Efficiency Vermont Better Buildings by Design Conference held in Burlington, VT at the Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center.  Like clockwork heavy snow is predicted this week and BBBD 2011 is happening Weds. Feb. 9th and Thursday, Feb 10th.

The two day conference is jam-packed with many of my favorite business people, building design, construction pros, suppliers and vendors all dedicating their professional lives to improving the buildings where we live, sleep, work, buy-things and go to school in Vermont and New England!.

It's one of the best places to learn about the latest innovations in energy efficiency, conservation and high performance building design targeted to the cold climate region we live in here in the northeast. Leaders and experts from Vermont and New England, along with repeat presenters from across the country and Canada will be there to share their knowledge.  Whether you're a homeowner, home-builder, architect, interior designer, facilities manager, commercial general contractor, company owners looking for designers and builders, it's a great place to go, especially if you're wondering about best practices in building design, heating and cooling systems, whole house design, LEED, lighting for energy efficiency (and beauty).

Bill Reed, noted green design thought leader and consultant kicks of the conference with a keynote address.  I've heard Bill speak at the USGBC Greenbuild conference and the AIA National Convention in years past and have had the chance to work with him while at Maclay Architects, a firm I worked for many years, on various projects.  He's really inspirational!

Weds evening from 4:30 to 7:00 Pm there will be a trade show / networking event where all of the many dedicated and informative vendors will be showing the wares.  There will also be award ceremonies for winners of this years Better Buildings Design Competition both on the residential and commercial side.  It's a great way to see for your self what green building is all about with posters of submitted and winning projects all on display.

Wednesday morning, I hope to see a session by Andy Shapiro of Energy Balance and Bill Heigis of Bill Heigis Builder speak on HVAC and Power supply Systems for Cold Climates to help me be more knowledgeable on what to recommend to residential clients.  Then in the Afternoon, see "From Bauhaus to Passive Haus" from Ken Levenson of Ken Levenson Architect - PC. I'll follow that with "High Peformance or Hype Performance" from Marc Rosenbaum most recently from the South Mountain Company where Marc will shed light on the performance realities of green building.  (It's important for buildings to really perform they way they design, this doesn't always happen)

Thursday morning I'll be checking out "Lighting and Daylighting a Net-zero Energy Building" by Jim Benya, from Benya Lighting Design.  I'm torn after that whether to go to Naomi Miller's presentation on "LED's, Wading through the Hype to Get to Great Results" or John Straube from Building Science Corp and Marc Rosenbaum from South Mountain on "Low-Energy Design in the Northeast: How Low Can it Get? ( Hey guys, that title's a little awkward don't you think?)

Anyway, hope to see you there. If you want to say hello, please email me at or call me 802-448-0056.  I invite you to catch up with you on these two favorite days in February!  Look for me at the evening reception Weds. night as well!


green remodeling said...

Green buildings should be promoted as an alternative to conventional ones.

Stephen M. Frey, AIA - LEED AP said...

Thanks Green Remodeling for your comment. What types of buildings do you think offer the clearest and easiest place for consumers and businesses to build green with? Do you find traction with your residential customers to build green into their projects? How do you this?